What does the WW in WWCS Stand For?

December 21, 2023 | 1 min read


A very early tech start-up, our business was founded in 1983 by Neil and Simone Lester.

The business, a Word Processing Bureau (called Word Workshop), started from a small shop in Edgware, NW London.

The business took hand-written client letters and simply typed them up and printed them out to make them look more “professional!”.

Neil Lester was a pioneer in technology and had one of the first desktop computers in the UK.

Our first client requiring IT Support walked through the door in 1990…”I cant open Word Perfect, can you please help”.

From there the business grew in to supplying and supporting desktop computers. This was at the same time the likes of Amstrad, Tulip and

Compaq launched their PC range. Computers were sold with MS Dos 6.22!