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Your IT infrastructure is more than just a support system; it’s the engine that drives your business forward.

For businesses leveraging Office 365, having specialized support can be the key to unlocking its full potential. This is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like WWCS, with its focus on Office 365 support, becomes indispensable.

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Your Office 365 Extended IT Department

Consider WWCS as an extension of your own IT department, but with a specialized focus on Office 365:

  • Extended Hours for Office 365 Support: Access support from 08:30 to 18:00, ensuring your Office 365 queries are resolved promptly.
  • Multiple Contact Points for Immediate Assistance: Whether it’s a call, email, or through the client portal, reach out to us for any Office 365 issues or queries.
  • Flexible Support Tailored to Office 365: While our primary approach is remote support, we’re also prepared for on-site visits to address complex Office 365 issues.
  • Comprehensive Office 365 Service Spectrum: From troubleshooting common Office 365 problems to assisting with advanced features, our services cover all aspects of Office 365.
  • Expert Knowledge of Office 365: Our in-house specialists are equipped to handle every technical aspect of Office 365, from basic setup to advanced security and integration.

Microsoft Partners

Credentials That Elevate Your Office 365 Experience

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Modern Workplace, WWCS stands out as one of the leading firms in the UK for Office 365 support.

Our engineers possess Microsoft competencies, ensuring that you receive top-tier support. With a history dating back to 1983, we bring a wealth of experience and continuous innovation to your Office 365 infrastructure.

Our services are designed to cover the entire spectrum of Office 365 needs – from general IT support and consultancy to specific tasks like relocations (Office Moves), Business Continuity, Backup & Cloud services, all centered around maximizing your Office 365 experience.

Enjoy streamlined operations and proactive support with WWCS. Our dedicated focus on Office 365 ensures that your business leverages the full power of this versatile platform, driving efficiency, and security. Reach out to WWCS today and experience the difference that specialized Office 365 support can make.

Credentials That Elevate Your Office 365 Experience

Microsoft 365 & Office 365: Comprehensive IT Solutions

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance:

Secure your business data with our Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance services. We ensure your organization adheres to legal standards and protect sensitive information against cyber threats, providing peace of mind and robust security.

Microsoft 365 Managed IT Support:

Experience hassle-free IT management with our Microsoft 365 Managed IT Support. We handle all aspects of your Microsoft 365 suite, from troubleshooting to optimization, ensuring a seamless operation of your business tools.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services:

Transition to Microsoft 365 effortlessly with our Migration Services. We manage the entire migration process, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth shift to this powerful cloud platform.

Office 365 Backup:

Safeguard your data with our comprehensive Office 365 Backup solutions. We provide regular, secure backups of your Office 365 data, ensuring you’re prepared for any data loss scenario.

Office 365 Security and Compliance Services:

Strengthen your Office 365 environment with our Security and Compliance Services. We implement robust security measures and ensure your setup meets compliance standards, protecting your business from various digital threats.

Microsoft 365 Managed IT Services:

Let us take care of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem with our Managed IT Services. From regular updates to performance monitoring, we keep your system efficient and reliable.

Office 365 Help & Assistance:

Get immediate help and assistance for your Office 365 issues. Our dedicated support team provides quick resolutions, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Office 365 Email Security:

Enhance the security of your email communication with our Office365 Email Security services. We protect your email systems from phishing, spam, and other cyber threats.

Office 365 Managed IT Support:

Our Office 365 Managed IT Support offers comprehensive care for your Office 365 suite. We handle everything from routine maintenance to advanced troubleshooting.

Office 365 Training Services:

Empower your team with our Office 365 Training Services. We provide customized training sessions to help your staff leverage the full potential of Office 365 tools.

Office 365 Email Migration:

Migrate your email systems to Office 365 smoothly with our Email Migration services. We ensure a secure and efficient transfer of your email data to the Office 365 platform.

Office 365 Deployment & Implementation:

Deploy and implement Office 365 in your business with our expert services. We ensure a seamless integration of Office 365 into your existing IT infrastructure.

Office 365 Consulting Services:

Maximize the benefits of Office 365 with our Consulting Services. We offer strategic guidance to optimize your Office 365 setup for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Dedicated Account Management

At WWCS, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just IT support

Our Promise

Bespoke Account Management for Your Office 365 Needs

Dedicated Account Manager for Office 365: Get a personalized experience with a single point of contact who deeply understands your Office 365 setup and business needs.

Regular Office 365 Check-ins: We maintain open lines of communication, from casual chats to quarterly reviews, focusing on your Office 365 usage, challenges, and future plans.

Detailed Office 365 Reporting: Receive tailored monthly management performance reports, providing valuable insights into your Office 365 usage and efficiency.

Building Lasting Relationships: Our philosophy centers on understanding your unique business needs to provide optimal Office 365 support.

Bespoke Account Management for Your Office 365 Needs

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