Diary of a not-so-techie office manager of an IT company – June 2024

June 24, 2024 | 2 min read


Diary Entry: A Day in the Life of a Non-Technical office manager using Copilot

Today was another whirlwind of tasks, and Copilot was my trusty sidekick throughout. As a non-technical office manager, my job revolves around organisation, communication, and problem-solving. Here’s a basic overview of how I use Copilot:

  1. Scheduling Magic: Copilot handles my calendar like a pro. It schedules meetings, reminds me of deadlines, and magically finds time slots that fit everyone’s availability.
  2. Email Wizardry/Writing coach: Copilot helps me draft emails that hit the spot between professional and friendly. It suggests phrases, catches typos, and make sure my grammar is in order.
  3. Project Brainstorming: When I need fresh ideas, Copilot is my brainstorming buddy. It generates creative solutions, offers alternative approaches, and occasionally surprises me with quirky suggestions.
  4. Task Prioritisation: Copilot helps me prioritise tasks based on urgency, importance, and coffee levels. It’s eerily good at guessing when I need that second cup.
  5. Wellness Reminders: Copilot nudges me to take breaks, hydrate, and stretch. It’s like a digital mom—minus the guilt trips.
  6. Emergency Panic Button: When things get chaotic, Copilot remains calm. It’s my go-to for crisis management, whether it’s a server crash or a coffee spill.
  7. Random Fun: Copilot occasionally surprises me with haikus, trivia, or existential questions. It’s like having a quirky colleague who moonlights as a poet.

And that’s my day! Copilot isn’t just a tool; it’s my AI confidante, my productivity partner, and the reason I haven’t lost my sanity or my job yet !!!!