IP Phone Systems

WWCS have installed, and supported, VOIP telephone systems since 2009; networks with between 3 users and 80 users, in one located or between multiple sites and continents. These are now very much the standard solution for new telephones systems since internet speeds increased and connections becoming more stable. They are designed for a business environment, and so complement the service we already offer our clients.
A VOIP telephone solution is perfect for clients with multi-location offices or with staff who work from home.
There are many advantages to such a system when compared to your traditional analogue telephone system;
Music on hold
Call recording (should you require)
Out of hours voicemail & personal voicemail
Auto Attendant option (should you want to use – this is the menu system when someone calls and could say push one for Accounts etc etc.)
Voicemail to email (which is a system where the audio attachment of a voicemail is sent to the user via email)
Call cost reductions when comparing to BT and other providers (especially international calls – through our call bundles)
Free calls between different branches/home locations.
With this solution, telephones can be installed anywhere in the world and can be part of the single office telephone system. So any member of staff can have a phone at home but will be part of the office telephone system. Calls can be diverted to staff working at home and clients will not be aware. We would set up logical extension so office phones start with 1 and home users extensions start with 2 (for example)
These telephone systems are configurable to meet our exacting client requirements; for clients with two offices (and free calls between, or voicemail to Email, Softphones and anything in between.









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